Terms of service

Terms of Service
Effective Date: 02 January, 2014


NLC provides web hosting, email hosting, CMS hosting, domain registration, domain renewals and VPS virtual private server services to clients in South Africa and worldwide. We have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best exceptional service possible.

We offer our clients hosting from 150mb, 350, 500mb, 750, 1GB, 2GB, to to 20GB allocated web space and data transfer per account per month. 

We will communicate clear and transparently regarding all server hosting issues, pricing structures and server maintenance and upgrades.

We strive to empower entrepreneurs and  businesses hosted by our server and will to the best of our ability continue to work ongoing towards this goal.

NLC is proud to be a world class corporate business hosting server and will continue to ensure the web server, email server and CMS hosting continues to be regarded as from the fastest corporate servers world wide.  

We reserve the right to cancel any account at any given time when clients do not prescribe to be code of conduct best practices. NLC provides web hosting to any website that abides to our terms and conditions. NLC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. 

All clients who use services of NLC are subject to the following terms and conditions: