About Us

About us

Next Level Communication is committed to providing high-end business hosting to our clients/business owners.

We strive to offer benchmark ICT solutions from start up businesses, small businesses as well as large and established businesses whilst continuing developing our services and ICT products to contribute to a strong business community.


We strive to:

  • Constantly implement strategies to accelerate business growth through innovation and making benchmark ICT solutions accessible to our clients/business owners/ entrepreneurs.
  • Continuously seek to develop technologies, services and products that will have a greater impact on the business owner's objectives.

Our Vision and Mission

Our scope of business/ services

What drives us - what motivates us

What we offer

Giving back:
          to our communities, business community,
NGO's, NPO's and churches

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To assist you in having your domain, website & email hosted by NLC. We will explain the A-Z of domain names, registration processes, domain renewals, email creation, server hosting as well as your ICT questions in layman's terms.
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Next Level Communication
Innovation and corporate solutions made accessible to clients.

•  Hosting the most important website ... your website !!!

•  Innovation & corporate solutions made accessible to clients.

•  Enabling world class communication at your fingertips.

•  Next Level Communication strives to create your desired online, digital and electronic presence across various communication platforms.

Wishing all entrepreneurs continued great business endeavours.

"The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it".


ICT regards

Next Level Communication