Giving back !















Giving back !













Giving back

Giving back

Giving back to our communities is one of our motto's from day one. We strive to give back in various ways and methods to our schools, NGOs, churches, entrepreneurs, women/children organisations, etc.

Assistance given via the following ways & methods

  • 50% to 70% sponsored website design work.
  • Web hosting and email hosting free for a fixed period.
  • Certain subsidised hosting packages sponsored by NLC where the client pays only 50% of the required fee.
  • Graphic design: photo shop and optimising work done free.

Web design: ongoing web design work or changes to web
look and feel done at no charge.
Branding: business cards design, letterheads design, posters,
flyers, web rotation banners done at no charge.

  • Domain name creation and registrations sponsored.

CMS: Content Management System (all website content
changes done throughout the month at no charge).

  • Business advice.
  • ICT solution assistance.
  • eSolutions options supplied and delivered at no charge.


Assistance with PC, laptops errors, computer maintenance, computer upgrades & updates, viruses, computer updates, antivirus software, internet access, windows errors. How to use innovation to save costs, save time and deliver a better service. Site support or remote online site assistance done at no charge. (Outlook errors, email setup, virus deletion).

Next Level Communication strives to contribute in tangible and
meaningful ways to our community's needy causes as well as  our organisations who needs various ICT assistance and business advice to succeed in their goals and vision. Which in return will contribute to better communities, better neighbourhoods, better opportunities for all, a better Drakenstein, Boland, Cape Winelands and an overall brighter future for all if our our NPO's, NGO's, churches and organisations flourish.


Our business heartbeat is that our modest contribution
will stimulate positive change, growth, empowerment,
emancipation, opportunities and indirectly reach those
that needs help to better their lives.


As iron sharpens iron

so man sharpens man. 


ICT regards

team Next Level Communication