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Welcome to Next Level Communication. We have identified benchmark ICT solutions to assist your valued business and/or organisation to succeed in an demanding business world with ever demanding customers searching for services rendered faster to them and in real-time. We strive to offer the best products/services at the best pricing.

We also assist marketing local businesses digitally and electronically across various communication platforms. We have two (2) world class servers providing affordable website, email and CMS hosting. 

We are a "customer-centric approach" business.



  • ICT in plain english
    Business owners want an ICT company supplying the fastest benchmark server hosting
  • FREE CMS updating
    Website content updating (1hr p/m) free.

  • Website visitor stats
    We provide an unique stats data on your website visitors in forms and charts.
  • Time is money
    0% down time

    We guarantee 100% website and email server up time 24/7/365.
  • Corporate web hosting
    We offer benchmark corporate hosting previously only available to large companies.
  • 24/7 support assistance
    Support staff is reachable via email, Skype, WhatsApp and remote support 24/7.
  • Corporate email hosting
    Our email server delivers and streams email in lightning speed, to multiple devices at the same time (Outlook, PCs, laptops, Android, iPhone, tablets, etc).
  • Honest advice - no nonsense approach
    Time is money and in today's financial climate we know business owners want ICT that will delivers outstanding business ethics each and every time.
  • Corporate CMS hosting
    We offer a corporate Content Management System web application to easily do web updates and content changes yourself. 
  • Access your own website to make updates yourself
    Update your website via our corporate CMS app or allow us to do the changes on your behalf.
  • Mobile friendly websites
    All NLC designed and hosted websites are mobile friendly to further enhance your business' footprint.
  • Your business name domain name setup
    We ensure your business domain is correctly created, setup, renewed and manage at the ICANN and COZA bodies.
  • Advice and support.
    We share our ICT knowledge with our clients regarding best ICT practices, internet data packages, WiFi setup and office ICT to save on costs.
  • Modest fee structure
    Our passion is to assist the small business entrepreneur, NGO, NPO and churches. We have hosting as little as R40 p/m.

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of what we offer to our valued clients.